Tablet Process Equipment

Apart from the Tablet press machine, we also supply a wide range of Tablet Process Equipment and testing equipments required for tablet manufacturing. Our range includes comminuting machine, vibro sifter, tablet coating pan, tablet inspection belt, mass mixer, tool care kits etc.

Vibro Sifter

We offer Vibro Sifter. Salient features of Vibro Sifter are as follows:


  • Suitable for the separation of mass composition of solid from solid ,liquid from solid and for the gradation of material as per particle size.

  • Fully GMP model with all contact parts in S.S. & non contact parts will be cladded with S.S.

  • Capacity: 12", 20", 30", 48", 60" & 72"dia.

Comminuting Machine

We offer Comminuting Machine. Salient features of Comminuting Machines are as follows:


  • Used for wet & dry granulation, pulverization etc.

  • Output: 50 to 400 kgs per hour depending upon product and reduction of size.

  • Easy changeover of parts after cleaning and changing blade assembly.

  • Machine is mounted on castor for mobility.

Tablet Coating Pan

We offer Tablet Coating Pan. Salient features are as follows:


  • Suitable for film or sugar coating of tablets, caplets & granules.

  • All contact parts in ss304/ss316 quality hot air blower unit for fast drying.

  • Size 12", 24", 36", 42", 48" & 60"diameter.

Tablet Inspection Belt

We offer Tablet Inspection Belt. Salient features of Tablet Inspection Belt are as follows:


  • Specially designed for 100% visual inspection of tablets.

  • Totally GMP model.

  • Output: upto 1 lakh tablets per hour by two operators.

Mass Mixer

We supply a wide range of Mass Mixer. Salient features are as follows:


  • Suitable for mixing for dry or dump material.

  • Completely GMP model consists of "u" shaped trough; discharge valve and solid SS end plate with specially designed paddles.

  • Capacity: 50,100,150 & 200 kgs.